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The Classic Car Fund Limited - Class P

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ISIN VCP282281150
Valor 19349044
Fund type collective investment company
Financial market authority International financial Services Authority, St. Vincent West Indies
Currency EUR
Launch date 13.09.2012
Minimum Investment EUR 10'000.-
End of financial year 31. December

Transfer of Investor shares

Valuation interval quarterly
Valuation day 31st March; 30th June; 30th September; 31st December
Deadline for Subscriptions valuation day, 4 pm (CET)
Deadline for Redemptions valuation day, 4 pm (CET)


Subscription Fee max. 5%
Redemption Fee max. 3%; 1-year lockup-period
Management Fee 2%
Performance Fee 20% with High-Watermark
Administrative commission 0.20% p.a.; min. CHF 20'000.-
Custodian Fee CHF 2'000.- p.a.

Involved parties

Administrator Fortuna Administration Limited, Kingstown
Investment Advisor The Classic Car Fund Management Ltd.
Custodian Bank Banque Havilland AG, Vaduz

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